Lighting Effects

Luminous lines for facade lighting: KRIO is the linear wall-mounted luminaire that uplights facades homogeneously. It is perfect for creating uninterrupted, suggestive light paths. 

  • Elegant, simple design, combined with high resistance, to integrate into any environment
  • Versatility: light effects can be customized thanks to the range of color temperatures and optics - from narrow to ultra-wide and wall-washer; suitable for single or variable-lenght in-line installations
  • Application: facade lighting and light paths
  • Available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable remote control

KRIO krio


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0484006C-840-21 narrow 10° 24W 2100lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm
0484005C-840-21 medium 25° 24W 2050lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm
0484007C-840-21 wide flood 48° 24W 1850lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm
0484004C-840-21 elliptic 9°x55° 24W 1950lm 4000K 80 REM-D 60mm 73mm 705mm

Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils

Daugavpils is a Latvian city famous for being the birthplace of Mark Rothko, prominent abstract expressionist during 50/60s in New York.

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